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Glass railing brings an air of elegance and class to your home and office spaces not to mention it also allows you to have a clear appreciation of al fresco.
It brings a unique aesthetic value in your home or office spaces and helps you save by lessening your electric bill because during the day, the natural daylight that comes through the glass railings provide sufficient light so you need not turn on your bulbs. Being able to have a look of the outdoors makes us feel closer to nature thus making us feel relaxed and revived. Homes with second stories are really popular now so stairs are being used a lot. With the addition of contemporary staircases, you are also being presented choices of railing styles to suit your taste and the interior of your home or office. 

Wrought iron shows much more style and personality. They suit many individual tastes because it is easy to fashion them in various ways and many styles and designs.They can be either detailed and delicate or mighty and masculine depending on individuals. They also offer a sense of stability while still capitalizing on style, however they are more pricey as compared to some other materials.
Timber railings bring style and elegance into your home, but also they bring simplicity, whether it is inside your home or outside. No matter where you decide to use timber railings they will add a beauty like no other material can.