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Aluminium Windows


Aluminium windows and doors enable easy maintenance and operation and are well insulated against sound and increment weather. Resistance against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the environment allows high performance, functionality coupled with superior durability. 
Aluminium windows and doors can be manufactured with various features such as heat resistance, noise reduction and various innovative styles with different ways of opening. They are available in anodised finish with a wide selection of powder coated colours  or wood-look coatings to suit various individuals. Due to ingenious method of manufacture, a wide range of glass options with different characteristics, thicknesses and colours can be utilised.

◎ 质量轻、强度高:
◎ 密封性能好:
◎ 耐腐蚀性强:
◎ 喷涂选择:
◎ 断桥隔热铝材:
内外型材之间用穿条式工艺添加一条增强尼龙(PA66)隔热条,极大提高隔热和密封性能,热传导系数降低至2.8W/m2 以下,有效防止冷凝现象,可降低噪音30dB以上。